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This system leverages Veeco’s production-proven Uniform FlowFlange® gas distribution system technology and automation expertise by combining multiple high throughput MOCVD reactors in a modular 2- or 4-reactor cluster architecture. The improved reactors, based on Veeco’s highly-successful K465i™ MOCVD system design, feature expanded wafer capacity and advanced, proprietary, closed-loop thermal control technology.To read about recent industry awards that the MaxBright multi-reactor system platform has received. 

Multi-reactor architecture provides the industry’s highest productivity and highest footprint efficiency platform. As much as 20% within-wafer wavelength uniformity improvement for higher yield Up to 15% increased footprint efficiency compared to the MaxBright multi-reactor system Improved serviceability and layout configurations to accommodate various fab space requirements. System architecture enables single chamber or multi-chamber layer growth capability Field upgradeable from the MaxBright M multi-reactor platform.

Industry's Highest Productivity, Highest Footprint Efficiency Platform for LED Manufacturing

The TurboDisc® MaxBright® MHP™ GaN MOCVD Multi-Reactor System is the new, modular high performance system which provides excellent yield with as much as 20% within-wafer wavelength uniformity improvement over the MaxBright multi-reactor system with the same footprint, serviceability and layout configuration benefits of the MaxBright M™ multi-reactor system.  Higher yields are achieved from hardware advancements that result in improved wavelength uniformity across all wafers.  The MaxBright MHP multi-reactor system also provides lower cost of ownership as compared to the MaxBright multi-reactor system.  

TurboDisc MaxBright MHP GaN MOCVD Multi-Reactor System