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Highest Productivity and Best-in-Class Yields

The TurboDisc® K465i™ GaN MOCVD System is production-proven and provides high productivity for HB LED high-volume production fabs around the globe.  The K465i MOCVD system achieves up to 90% yield (5nm bin) due to its superior uniformity and excellent run-to-run repeatability.  It also offers high productivity due to its full automation and shortened recovery period after maintenance.

Combines the industry's highest capital efficiency with the highest productivity and best-in-class yields
Based on production-proven, high throughput K465 MOCVD platform
Incorporates new Uniform FlowFlange® gas distribution system technology for highest within wafer uniformity and ultimate process repeatability
Simplified design provides ease of tuning for fast production qualification and fast recovery after maintenance
Low maintenance TurboDisc high velocity laminar flow technology enables highest system availability
Lowest cost of ownership for maximum profitability.

TurboDisc K465i GaN MOCVD System