Omscientific is a representative of Suss Microtec in India.

Remanufactured Equipment

Exclusive Remanufacturing

Our engineers carefully design our wafer processing equipment for long periods of use. A service life of 15 years or longer is not at all uncommon – proof of the excellent return onINVESTMENT  our equipment provides. Year after year, equipment manufactured by SUSS MicroTec proves its worth in terms of quality, reliability and durability. In fact, machines manufactured by the Karl Süss company, which after an IPO in 1999 became SUSS MicroTec, are still highly regarded throughout the semiconductor industry worldwide.

The division SUSS MicroTec Reman is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for remanufactured pre-owned machines. Customers looking to expand production capacities with the addition of equipment from an earlier generation that matches their existing system, thus ensuring a reliable transfer of existing processes, can choose a system bearing the SUSS MicroTec Remanufactured brand.

Refurbished vs. Remanufactured

While used machines are usually refurbished using only some original components, our remanufacturing service provides a special guarantee: exclusively manufacturer-specified original parts are used. In addition, used equipment is extensively overhauled to restore it to its original condition. This sets SUSS MicroTec apart from many other companies competing in the used machine market for semiconductor manufacturing.

Certified Quality

Each and every remanufactured machine SUSS MicroTec offers meets our superior standards of quality and precision. Every system is prepared according the original specification and performance data. 

Our OEM certificate includes:

Six-month warranty
Safety feature updates
Pre and Final Acceptance Tests 
Phone support
On site field service
Long term spare part availability
Complete documentation