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Outstanding film uniformity, yield and device performance. Features long campaign runs and low particle defects for exceptional yield and flexibility. Fast cycles of learning accelerate GaN-on-Si R&D transition to high volume manufacturing. Modular design for ease of configuration, operation and maintenance.

Single-Wafer Reactor Technology to Enable Efficient, GaN-Based Power Devices

Veeco’s new Propel™ Power GaN MOCVD system is designed specifically for the power electronics industry.   Featuring a single-wafer reactor platform, capable of processing six and eight-inch wafers, the system deposits high-quality GaN films for the production of highly-efficient power electronic devices.  The single-wafer reactor is based on Veeco’s leading TurboDisc® design with breakthrough technology including the new IsoFlange™ and SymmHeat™ technologies that provide homogeneous laminar flow and uniform temperature profile across the entire wafer. Customers can easily transfer processes from Veeco K465i™ and MaxBright™ systems to the Propel Power GaN MOCVD platform. 

Propel Power GaN MOCVD System