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Depolab 200 is the basic plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) tool by SENTECH combining the advantages of a parallel plate electrode design for uniform film deposition with cost effective design of direct load. Starting with standard applications on 2” to 8” wafers and sample pieces, it can be upgraded step by step for complex processing.

Outstanding features of the PECVD Depolab 200 are the rugged design of the system, the reliability, and the flexibility of the software and hardware. Different processes have been developed on the system e. g. for high quality silicon nitride and silicon oxide layer deposition. The PECVD Depolab 200 comprises the reactor unit with gas box, control electronics, computer, backing pump, and main connection box.

Depolab 200 plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition tool is configured to deposit SiO2, SiNx, SiONx, and a-Si films in a temperature range up to 400 °C. The PECVD Depolab 200 is especially suited for the deposition of dielectric films for etching masks, membranes, electrically isolating films, and others.

The PECVD Depolab 200 is operated by the SENTECH advanced control software using remote field bus technology and a very user-friendly general user interface.


PECVD plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition tool Depolab 200 combines parallel plate plasma source design with direct load.


According to its modular design, the PECVD Depolab 200 is upgradeable with larger pumping unit, low frequency power supply, and additional gas lines.

SENTECH control software

User-friendly powerful software is included with mimic GUI, parameter window, recipe editor, data logging, user management.

PECVD plasma deposition system Depolab 200