Veeco’s process equipment solutions enable the manufacture of LEDs, flexible OLED displays, power electronics, compound semiconductors, hard drives, semiconductors, MEMS and wireless chips. Veeco is the market leader in MOCVD, MBE, Ion Beam, Wet Etch single wafer processing and other advanced thin film process technologies.

• Highly differentiated process equipment and technologies that enable the manufacturing of high-tech electronic devices
• Industry leader in MOCVD, MBE, IBD, IBE, Single-Wafer Wet Etch and other advanced thin film process technologies
• Operations in 10 countries on four continents 

• Based in New York, with about 800 employees worldwide



Propel Power GaN MOCVD System

TurboDisc EPIK 700 GaN MOCVD System

TurboDisc MaxBright MHP GaN MOCVD Multi-Reactor System

TurboDisc MaxBright M GaN MOCVD Multi-Reactor System

TurboDisc K475 As/P MOCVD System

TurboDisc K465i HP GaN MOCVD System

TurboDisc K465i GaN MOCVD System

TurboDisc K465 GaN MOCVD System

TurboDisc E475 As/P MOCVD System


GENxplor R&D MBE System
GEN10 MBE System
GEN200 MBE System
GEN20 MBE System
GEN2000 MBE System
GEN930 MBE System