Omscientific is a representative of Hiden Isochema in India.

IMI Series Key Features

  • Fully upgradable modular design
  • Static and dynamic operational mode options
  • Automatic switching between static and multistream flowing operation
  • Multi-gas control providing programmable sorbate selection
  • Versatile instrument control from standard methods to complete user-defined experiments
  • Adaptive analysis software including end point detection for sorption processes, reaction kinetics and sample pre-treatment
  • Full integration of mass spectrometers from Hiden's quadrupole range enabling sychronized instrument control and data acquisition

IMI Series Accessories

Various accessories and upgrades are available for the IMI series in order to satisfy the requirements of different users and research areas, and to provide the instrument range with enhanced flexibility.


The IMI-FLOW is a state-of-the-art dynamic flow and thermal desorption analyzer. It combines the static mode manometric sorption measurement capabilities of the full IMI range with unique dynamic (flowing) mode operation.


The IMI-NRG provides a fully integrated sorption measurement system for energy and environmental science research. It has been developed specifically for the characterisation of materials for gas separation, capture and storage applications.


The IMI-PSI is an extended pressure manometric sorption analysis system for nanoporous media. It is specifically designed for the investigation of high pressure gas sorption by nanoporous materials.


The IMI-HTP is a high accuracy manometric hydrogen storage analyzer, designed primarily for the investigation of novel hydrogen storage materials using the Sieverts Method up to pressures of 200 bar.

IMI Series Instruments

The IMI Series offers a multifunctional platform for the study of physisorption, chemisorption and gas absorption by materials, from entry level manometric analyzers to advanced multistream dynamic flow systems with integrated mass spectrometry.

These versatile instruments can satisfy the demands of a diverse range of applications, from surface area determination to high pressure studies, from gas storage and separation to high pressure catalysis.

IMI Series