The IGA-100 is designed for gravimetric mixed gas sorption, as well as single component vapor sorption analysis, and powerfully combines the features of the IGA-002 and IGA-003.

IGA Series Key Features

  • UHV stainless steel vessel
  • Fully automated isothermal data acquisition
  • Large capacity microbalance (5 g) with a resolution of 0.1 μg and excellent long-term stability (± 1 μg)
  • High pressure options to 20 bar
  • Precise ramp and set-point PID pressure control from one or more high resolution sensors
  • Range of vacuum accessories including remote controlled dry UHV pump
  • Enhanced protection option for operation with corrosive gases and vapors
  • Full range of thermostatting options including rapid response heating and cooling (-196 °C to 1000 °C at up to 50 °C per minute)
  • Vapour generator option with built-in anti-condensation protection
  • Fully integrated close-coupled quadrupole mass spectrometry options for evolved gas analysis (EGA)
  • Inert gas loading option for moisture and air sensitive samples
  • Fully compliant with PED 97/23/EC (European Pressure Equipment Directive)


IGA Series

The IGA Series provides fully automated and precise measurement of the magnitude and kinetics of gas or vapor interactions with samples at controlled pressure and temperature.

The unique IGA method exploits the relaxation of the sample after pressure or temperature change to simultaneously determine kinetic parameters and equilibrium uptake. IGA systems are recognised instruments of excellence with over 20 years proven performance in many prominent industrial organizations and leading academic research institutes worldwide.

IGA Series Instruments


The IGA-001 is the core of our range of gravimetric analyzers and is designed to study single component gas-solid and gas-liquid interactions.


The IGA-003 is a gravimetric analyzer that is specifically designed for dynamic mixed gas sorption analysis.


The IGA-200 is a fully integrated gravimetric sorption analyzer designed for dynamic mixed gas and vapor sorption analysis with close-coupled mass spectrometry.


The IGA-002 provides both single component gas and vapor sorption analysis, and combines enhanced accuracy in the low pressure regime with anti-condensation protection.

Omscientific is a representative of Hiden Isochema in India.

IGA Series Accessories

The IGA series is available with a range of accessories to satisfy various sample environment and measurement requirements.