Omscientific is a representative of Veeco in India.

Cost-effective, modular design enables the flexibility to expand systems capabilities as needed
Versatile platform features several in-situ monitoring techniques: RHEED, pyrometry, ellipsometry, RGA, optical flux monitoring, and reflectance spectroscopy
Incorporates core technology of Veeco GEN II MBE system—holder of GaAs and AlGaAs performance records
Incorporates the industry's most innovative, reliable sources and components.

GEN930 R&D MBE System

Wafers up to 1x3"

The GEN930 MBE system is ideal for developing III-V or II-VI materials with direct pump coupling for nitride and oxide applications. The modular design ensures a cost effective, flexible solution that provides proven exceptional material quality. Plus optional analytical equipment for in-situ monitor of growth processes can be easily integrated upon request.