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Wafers 1x8", 1x6", 4x4", 7x3", 14x2"

Veeco's GEN200® MBE system is the most cost-effective and highest-capacity multi-4" production MBE system in the market today. The system delivers superior throughput, long campaigns and excellent wafer quality in growing GaAs- or InP-based wafers for such devices as pump lasers, VCSELs and HBTs.

Delivers the lowest-cost 4X4" epiwafer growth
Modular architecture allows significantly smaller footprint than comparable MBE systems
Allows for up to two growth modules, increasing throughput or allowing processing of incompatible materials
Optional bulkhead installation optimizes cleanroom space
Incorporates the industry's most innovative, reliable system hardware, sources and components.

GEN200 Production MBE System