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Whenever required the FC300R can make use of up to three Pre-Alignment and Inspection Optics in the feeding area to ensure proper pick up of extremely tiny components like laser diodes. Image processing is available for a wide variety of recognition functions such as pattern search, synthetic pattern generation, calipers, edge detection as well as contrast enhancement.

The FC300R is an automated version of the basic model of the High Force FC300; it addresses the needs of the pre-production environment. The FC300R offers production capabilities for Chip-to-Substrate or Chip-to-Wafer assembly as well as Chip-to-Chip bondingand Chip Stacking. With the unmatched post-bond accuracy of ± 0.5 µm, across the entire force range of the machine (up to 4,000 N), the FC300R is the ideal tool for 3D-IC applications using high density TSV.

FC300R High Precision Bonder with Robotics