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With a quick process head reconfiguration, the FC300 platform performs multiple applications including:

High Force, particularly interesting for Cu-Cu bonding as used in 3D-IC packaging, or Nanoimprinting using a Hot Embossing Lithography process;

 Low Force Reflow Bonding for imaging devices, RF, or Optoelectronics assembly;

 UV-Curing for Adhesive Bonding or for Nanoimprinting using a UV-NIL process.

The FC300 High Precision Die / Flip Chip Bonderis the newest generation of high accuracy and high force system for chip-to-chip and chip-to-wafer bonding, on wafers up to 300 mm. The tool features automated handling of chips and substrates up to 100 mm from waffle packs, plus a robotic option enabling chip picking from diced wafer and automated handling of larger substrate. It features also Nanoimprinting Lithography (NIL) capabilities. 

FC300 High Precision Die / Flip Chip Bonder