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Able to level, align and bond components ranging in size from 0.2 to 100 mm, the FC150 supports a complete range of bonding applications, includingReflow, Thermo-compression, Thermosonic,Adhesives and Fusion bonding. Active leveling is made possible through a motorized pitch & roll system combined with autocollimation or laser leveling. Designed to maximize accuracy and versatility, the FC150 answers almost every need in high-end bonding applications.

With ± 0.5 µm placement accuracy and ± 1 µm post-bond accuracy, the SET FC150 Die/Flip Chip Bonder offers the latest evolutions in bonding techniques. With configurations ranging from manual to full automation, the FC150 provides development and production capabilities on a single upgradeable cost-effective platform. The high degree of flexibility offered on the FC150 makes it the machine of choice for advanced research with the ability to move directly into pilot production.

FC150 Automated Die / Flip Chip Bonder