Omscientific is supported by a team of experts in various disciplines, who are working with and/or have extensive experience with globally leading research groups / high-tech industries in the US, Europe and South East Asia. Based on our technical background and support by experts, we provide complete consulting services to facilitate our customers meet their R&D project deliverables.
Below is a list our experts in various disciplines. Further details on publications/patents will be provided on request.

Semiconductor :

* Semiconductor fab processing
* Semiconductor product development
* Packaging
* Reliability evaluation, testing

Materials processing/development:

* Quantum well, dots
* Self assembled monolayers, carbon nanotubes

Optoelectronics / photonics

* Optoelectronic device development
* Photonic integrated circuit (PIC) development: Arrayed waveguide gratings (AWG)


* MEMS process development
* MEMS product development