Omscientific is a representative of Suss Microtec in India.

ACS300 Gen2

Production Spin Coat / Develop Cluster for Wafer Level Packaging

The ACS300 Gen2 is a modular cluster system designed to meet manufacturers' needs for clean, reliable, high throughput, and modular photolithography processing for 200 and 300mm wafers. Both wafer sizes can be processed parallel or sequential without any mechanical changeover. SUSS MicroTec ACS300 Gen2 systems can be equipped with process modules for HMDS vapor priming, spin coating, spray coating, aqueous or solvent based developing, baking and cooling. It masters thin and thick resist applications as well as photosensitive polymers like polyimide, PBO and Cyclotene (BCB).

SUSS MicroTec ACS300 Gen2 addresses all requirements for sophisticated resist processing and the 3D-Integration and Wafer Level Packaging technology in particular.