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is a manual flip-chip bonder that permits to align manually the components with a high level of precision.

It allows ± 3 μm accuracy.

The motorized arm controls precisely the bonding force. Combining and synchronizing the arm with the temperature controller, it guarantees a perfect quality and high repeatability of your process.

The ACCμRA M, more than a pick-and-place system, offers thermocompression and reflow capabilities.

It is the perfect equipment for universities and R&D institutes.


is a flip-chip bonder that allows ± 0.5 μm accuracy.

It is dedicated to low force and reflow processes.

Motorized axes guarantee a high repeatability of your process.

The ACCμRA OPTO combines high precision, flexibility and accessibility.

It is the perfect equipment for optoelectronics and silicon photonics applications

The ACCµRA100 

is a semi-automatic flip-chip bonder that guarantees +/- 0.5 µm post-bonding accuracy.

Its flexibility makes it ideal for developing a wide range of applications.

The ACCµRA100 combines high precision, accessibility and cost-effectiveness.

It is the perfect equipment for universities and R&D institutes.

The ACCμRA Plus 

is a flip-chip bonder designed for ± 0.5 μm accuracy in full automatic mode.
It is suitable for reflow and thermocompression processes.

The ACCμRA Plus combines high precision, flexibility and short cycle time.                                                                                                                                  

It is dedicated to production for optoelectronic and silicon photonics applications.

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