ABR Series

Omscientific is a representative of Hiden Isochema in India.


The ABR Series are fully automated laboratory-scale instruments for the assessment of filtration process and gas separation processes and are ideally suited to routine adsorbent quality screening, assessment of the choice of adsorbent and of the factors governing service lifetime.

The instrument operates in dynamic mode and enables measurement of the breakthrough curve or other process selectivity parameters depending on the downstream monitoring configuration. Activation and bed regeneration is achieved by reversed flow of pre-heated gas and the upstream gas composition is continuously monitored to enable the assessment of regeneration efficiency.

ABR Series Key Features

  • Available bed volumes from 100 ml to 2 litres, and fully adaptable to customer requirements
  • Temperature controlled by gas feed and measured using 10 sensors positioned through the sorbent bed
  • Maximum temperature 260 ºC for sorbent regeneration
  • Pressure range from 2 – 30 bar, measured with upstream and downstream sensors

  • 0.5 -100 L/min with automated gas/vapour mixing upstream and downstream

  • Breakthrough detection determined using ceramic element dew-point transmitter or dynamic sampling mass spectrometer
  • Optional humidity generation, controlled using liquid injection (0-90% RH)