Company Profile

OmScienctific Pvt. Ltd. was founded with a mission to be a pioneer in High-tech Scientific Equipment/Solution provider in the area of semiconductor/nanotech, materials science and photonics/optics in Indian-Subcontinent. Relying on highly qualified and experienced founding members OmScientific is founded with a vision of providing customized solution/equipment by thoroughly understanding customers requirement with resolute commitment and to operate as 'Total-Solution-Provider'. OmScientific provides a comprehensive range of services from equipment supply, consultancy, process development, installation/training and continued post-sales support services. OmScientific customers vastly benefits from the prompt, accurate and continuous technical assistance, which is bolstered OmScientific highly qualified technical team.    

Since its inception, OmScientific is an aggressively growing company. OmScientific growth is in dual dimensions, accumulating newer customer's trust together with newer supplier's support. OmScientific customers include R&D Centers, Universities/Research Institutions, OEM, and Private Companies in Indian-Subcontinent region.

Founding Members

One of the core strengths of Omscientific is its founding members who possess vast R&D, industrial and market experiences and are successful entrepreneurs over the years. All the founding members are highly qualified with doctorate degree (PhD) in the diversified fields including semiconductor/nanotech, materials science and photonics/optics. Leveraging on the immense wealth of knowledge in high-tech research and industry, the management team fully understands the customer's need and the level of sophistication prior supplying the state-of-the-art scientific equipment.